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Kangaroo Kids

KKEL owned, Kangaroo Kids & Billabong High International Schools, the pioneers in new format schooling and learning methodology, have initiated a movement that has changed the face of pre school and high school education in India.

Starting with a single Kangaroo Kids preschool in 1993 and Billabong High International School in 2003, today, KKEL's revolutionary model of education is imparted at over 73 schools in 20 cities across India, as well as in Dubai, Middle East and Maldives.

BRAINSTARS is a Bengaluru-based research and development organisation dedicated to fostering and nurturing the movement of Science, Maths and Skills education in India. Our solutions touch the lives of students, teachers and parents.

It bridges the gap between formal education sector and innovative educational research by continuously exploring demands and conditions of contemporary Science, Maths and Skills education in 5 environments – school, college, professional science/maths/skills education, community science/maths/skills literacy and government policies. Highly qualified, trained and sensitive facilitators are the backbone of the organisation
Next Education India

Next Education, a K-12 focused technology based education solution provider, has created innovative products that make teaching - easy, engaging and effective. Its leading products such as TeachNext, LearnNext, NextLabs, NextERP are used in over 6000+ schools across country transforming the lives of more than 6 million students. Next Education products are mapped to cover CBSE, ICSE and 23 state boards in 8 major Indian languages.

Next Education’s strength lies in its Research & Development that is conducted in-house. Features such as CCE compliance, Technical advance 2D/3D animation, Linux based OS to lower overall cost of ownership & the remote operable system are some of the key strengths of this product.

The learning modules have been created by the company’s in-house content development team. With excellent onsite service support, periodic teacher training and management reporting on content usage, Next Education aims to bring the future of education to the schools in our country.

HCL Learning

HCL Learning is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd. HCL Learning covers the entire spectrum of education and training requirements across individuals, schools, colleges and enterprises. Our initiatives are driven by the latest innovations in the Indian education space through introduction of Information Technology. Our vision is to provide “Learning that delivers measurable outcomes”.
Taurian World School

With its infrastructure spread over a 65 acre campus and equipped with state-of-the-art support facilities; Taurian World School (TWS) provides academic learning in a tranquil environment that is technologically superior and is supported by globally proven and updated teaching and learning methods.

It builds well-rounded and capable citizens who soar high to follow their dreams and aspirations. It is the philosophy to enlighten every individual that makes the dierence and this is what makes TWS "A dierent school of thought".

TWS oers children the best of both worlds by actively engaging them in curricular and co-curricular activities. The ne balance of academics, activities and amenities make learning an enjoyable experience for every child. A range of outdoor and indoor sport facilities allow children to excel in the game of their choice under the guidance of experienced coaches:
  • Yoga, Martial Arts, Gymnastics to improve physical fitness
  • Swimming Pool, Athletics and various Track and Field sports
  • Well-designed Basketball, Squash, Table-Tennis and Lawn Tennis courts
  • Horse Riding with thoroughbred horses
  • Fields for Soccer& Cricket
For those children with a penchant for arts, music, dance or the likes, students are given formal training in activities like:
  • Arts & Drama
  • Music & Dance Public Speaking
With the following state-of-the-art facilities, we give every child an opportunity to exhibit their talent and imbibe the true spirit of life by gaining self-condence:
  • Exploration Room
  • Art Gallery
  • Music Room
  • Multimedia Room
  • Amphitheatre
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