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Keeping pace with today’s globalization and technological changes in education - Extramarks Education Pvt. Ltd, provides 360o new age digital education solutions. Extramarks is currently working with 5000+ schools across India and abroad assisting them in integrating world-class educational technologies. Smart Learn Class (SLC) program and Educational tablets transforms a regular classroom into a technology- enabled classroom by equipping it with the requisite hardware and learning software.

Extramarks equips a school with its multi award winning scientifically designed content, devised by education experts for classes K to XII. All the teaching content is of immense benefit as it flows in an easy receptive manner. Team Extramarks comprises of the best professionals and thought leaders from various fields – who work comprehensively to enhance and broaden the learning experience. Private schools and state governments from across the country and internationally have associated and partnered with Extramarks for various projects – all aimed at providing quality education to help students, succeed in today’s knowledge oriented world.
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