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Associate Partners
DataWind is a leader in low-cost Internet connectivity for emerging markets. DataWind's mission is to bring the Internet, which has the ability to create tremendous social and economic benefits, to billions of unconnected people in the developing world. The Company's Internet Delivery Platform offers a low-cost Internet browsing solution by bundling an affordable tablet device with an inexpensive, pre-paid, 2G Internet service plan. DataWind has been named to MIT Technology Review’s 2014 annual list of 50 Smartest Companies of the world’s most innovative technology companies and has received acknowledgement at several prestigious fora including Mobile World Congress, UKTI Annual Awards for Most Innovative companies, CTIA Wireless Show, Forbes Impact 15 List to name a few.

DataWind has offices in London, UK; Montreal and Mississauga, Canada, Dallas, USA, Amritsar and New Delhi, India.
HCL Learning is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Ltd. HCL Learning covers the entire spectrum of education and training requirements across individuals, schools, colleges and enterprises. Our initiatives are driven by the latest innovations in the Indian education space through introduction of Information Technology. Our vision is to provide “Learning that delivers measurable outcomes”.
EduSports, India’s largest and most awarded school sports company works with 400 schools across 3 countries, 85 cities and helps 300,000 children get healthier, fitter & smarter through its in-school, age-appropriate and inclusive PE & sports program.

The EduSports program helps children with increased level of health and fitness, increased classroom focus and concentration level and also decreased stress and anxiety level.

EduSports has been awarded as 'Best Product to Promote Health and Fitness in the Classroom' in GESS Education Awards 2014 (Dubai) along with other awards and recognitions.

EduSports has been empanelled by CBSE as an authorized training partner for PEC Program. EduSports in partnership with Haryana government, NSQF & MHRD, GoI has been conducting a vocational course in Physical Education & Sports in 37 Haryana government schools.
SmartOn is India’s leading provider of digital skills through online courses. SmartOn teaches specific technology tools in areas such as e-commerce and digital & social media marketing through project-based courses leading to certificates.

There are lacks of jobs that are unfilled because of the digital skill-gap. Between E-Commerce and Digital Marketing there are expected to more than 2,00,000 jobs expected to be generated in India in the next couple of years alone.

SmartOn bridges the digital skill gap through its project-based and technology-tool specific training. Our immersive online courses are delivered 1) using project-based learning and 2) with a Full Stack approach i.e. teaching all the relevant tools required for a particular role. Our learners work on real and in-depth projects with the help of mentors. Courses and projects are created in collaboration with the technology tool companies ("product partners")

Some quick facts & highlights of the Company:
  • Over 3,000 learners have taken SmartOn courses
  • Tied-up with some of the best technology companies in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing such as Shopify, Optimizely etc. to bridge the digital skill gap
  • SmartOn has partnered with Pearl Academy to offer 6-month online certification courses so learners get both academic credentials and market relevant skills (www.pearllive.com)
  • The Company is based in Bangalore & New York
  • SmartOn is selected as one of the best education globally for the year 2014
  • The company is backed by global education company Kaplan and investors such as TechStars
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