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India’s demographic trend means it will soon overtake China as the world’s largest population, and with an average GDP annual growth of 8% over the last decade its middle classes that demand higher education will swell to over 500 million people in the next ten years. While this huge pool of people might be considered strength, India is far from figuring out on how to educate and train these people to nation’s advantage. Statistics suggest that despite government’s initiatives like sarva siksha abhiyaan and ladli laxmi yojana, only one out of every seven children born in India goes to college and the nation suffers from a crippling quantity and quality challenge when it comes to higher education. This is because of varied challenges like inadequate infrastructure, uneven growth and access to opportunities, quality standards and constraints on research & development initiatives.

India’s vision of achieving 30% Gross Enrollment Ratio will mean:
  • About 40 million students would be enrolled in the higher education system
  • An additional capacity of about 25 million seats
  • Approx 10,510 technical institutions
  • Approx 15,530 colleges
  • Approx 521 universities
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